Best Buy Series "Pressed Powder"

Pressed powder is the veritable cherry on top of the meticulously created sundae. With out it, the sundae doesnt seem as appetizing. The cherry in the makeup world is pressed or finishing powder, the finishing step towards a fab face. There are few drugstore brands that I keep near and use on clients as well. I will mention some that dont fit the frugalista criteria, but are good to know if you are ever able to shell out the cash for the more expensive brand. Janelle Monae (pictured above) is a pressed-powder-only-and-go-girl. Using the products highlighted below will leave your skin looking as finished as polished, without breaking the bank!

Let's go down the list, shall we?

Milani Pressed Powder -$5.49

This lightweight pressed powder has a beautiful matte finish and is a medium coverage product. Although the range of colors is a bit limited, those carmel to deep ebony toned would have a plethora of choices. This is one of my ultimate faves because of its light application. For $5.49, Milani's Pressed Powder is a definite must have! Available at most drugstores.

Black Opal Oil-Absorbing Pressed Powder -$.8.95

This non-comedogenic translucent powder gives your foundation the perfect finish with out clogging your pores.

Fantastic for those with oily skin, this product comes in a wide range of colors and tones and is the ideal go-to product when you are on the go. Most drugstores carry   the Black Opal like (not to be confused with Black Radiance, which I review next).

Black Radiance Pressed Powder -$6.00

This is a great buy on a frugalista's budget! Highly pigmented with an outstanding color payoff, Black Radiance's Pressed Powder is a great find in most drugstores. (Their blushes are extremely pigmented and will definitely be featured on my next series)

Iman Luxury Pressed Powder- $15.00

As the name suggests, this luxurious pressed powder is sure to please most nay sayers. The translucent formula controls oil without drying skin to provide a totally matte finish. It is available in a fairly wide range of tones in peachy, brown undertones.

Well folks thats it! Stay tuned and as always, put your fab face forward!

Mrs. Makeup

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