Safe is for wimps

In a time where women are having more to say (even if its Sarah Palin and she needed to write it on her hand), tame neutral makeup is a thing of the past. Women are shedding the notion that color should be reserved for children and whores and are no longer afraid of wearing pops of color on their eyes or even on their lips. Bold, beautiful, color have exploded not only on the eyes and pouts at Fashion Week but also on the gritty New York streets as well.

Juggernaut cosmetic company M.A.C. has anticipated this shift and has readied itself . “We are seeing a lot of experimental techniques and colors going on in fashion for sure,” said Gordon Espinet, the vice president of makeup artistry for M.A.C. Cosmetics to the NY Times. “Everybody is sick of the idea of being safe all the time, and being predictable. In the real world, it’s happening as well. A lot of women are taking chances.” And taking chances is the only way to describe Make Up Forever's ( line of sickenly gorgeous neon eyeshadows and expansive color pallette for eyes and lips. With one touch of the finger, the heavily pigmented and vibrant eye color is transfered to your finger and will hold on for dear life. (No. 92 eyeshadow is my FAVORITE..Yummm)

Cult makeup favorite Obessive Compulsive Makeup (, a professional grade make up line has also laquered its way in to my makeup-lovin' heart. I have two words for you: LIP TAR. Part gloss, part lipstick, Lip Tar is the best of both worlds. Its staying power, I find, is truly unmatched. Like all of their products, OCC Lip Tar is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and is also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives. It comes in 20 delicious colors and is my beauty pick of the YEAR!

A more than notable mention goes to Illmasqua (, a London import who landed in Sephora a few months back. They have the most deliciously vibrant eye and cheek colors. My favorite cheek color is hands down Sin, a deep violet that ups the fierce factor.

Until next time...but in the meanwhile?

Go forth and put your fab face forward!!

Mrs. Makeup:)

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