Best Buy Series-"Stick Foundation"

Foundations come in various finishes and compositions; from water to oil to silicone satin,matte, dewy ...and liquid, cream stick varieties. Lets discuss the
option that I rely on in my everyday makeup life as well as in business: the Stick Foundation.

Stick Foundations can be water, oil or sillicone based cream foundations that can provide medium to full coverage. Consider it concealer you can use liberally, without covering every aspect of your face. The stick foundation is the best option for the girl on the go. You simply take the stick and make a swipe of foundation along both cheeks, across your forehead and on your chin and you’re done applying.

[Tip: After blending out the foundation outwardly, away from the center of your face, take one square of two-ply toilet paper (yes..toilet paper), separate it in two, so you only have "one" ply and blot the residual foundation off your face. This tiny little step can save you from re-blotting an hour later. In fact, from personal experience, it can keep your face relatively shiny for hours on end. (Note: you must used an oil free primer to lengthen the wear of your foundation and minimize shine. I will discuss this in my Best Buy Series-"Primers")]

What kinds of stick foundations are available to you in your local drugstore/pharmacy? There are a few of note but two of them are high on my list of must-haves:

Black Opal True Color Foundation Stick

Granted, most times I use high definition foundation on clients but my Black Opal True Color Foundation Stick sticks aren’t far from me. In fact, they are an absolute must. It’s the underestimated brand with a champion-like coverage. It’s smooth, creamy and allows for buildable coverage. It’s available in a wide gamut of colors. The Black Opal’s foundation stick works for all skin types and leaves a velvet-like finish. If the full coverage isn’t your cup of tea, you can always “thin” out or “sheer” out the consistency simply by applying the foundation with a wet sponge of brush. The result will be nothing short of stunning. Black Opal Stick foundation retails for $9.00 at Duane Reade, CVS, or Rite Aid to name a few.

You can also purchase products online at

Iman’s Second to None Stick Foundation

Although most women complain that foundations can be a bit red, Iman's Second to None Stick foundation users won't. This sillicone based product glides on like silk and dries into a beautiful matte finish. Its available in a wide range of colors which fall under three categoried: Sand (for the lighter complected, Clay (olive/medium complected), and Earth (for the deeper complected). The stick goes for about $14.00 at most major drug store retailers. For more information, visit

I have also come across an item that doesnt fit the "drugstore criteria" but is a noteable mention nonetheless. Bobbi Brown's Foundation stick. Its easy to apply and works with most skin tones and types, except very oily. Its a buildable coverage foundation that has a beaufitfully natural satin finish. Its a little pricey, at $45 dollars but a little goes a long way. For those frugal-istas, Bobbi Brown is now carried at Sephora so if you dont want to pay for the entire tube, ask a consultant for a sample. For more information on it, click here:

Stay tuned and again never...ever forget to put your fab face foward!

Until the next time..

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