Color Blocking-2011

In Spring/Summer 2011, the color blocking technique made its way not only on the clothes on the runway but the trend crossed over in makeup as well. If you weren’t necessarily comfortable wearing a coral top,  emerald green jeans and a gold belt, using several pops of color on your face would be all you needed to stay on trend. There are several ways to pull this off.

Fairskinned should opt for true orange and rasberry pink lips and a fairly neutral eye,  as seen below during Montreal Fashion Week and the Fendi Fashion Show.

Fendi 2011 Fashion Show

Deeper complected women should opt for deeper/warmer oranges and corals and pinks with a blue undertone.
 Bubble Gum Pink lip and pink cheeks                                  

For the fearless fashionistas, combining a jewled color on the eyes and bright pop on the lips is a sure fire way to stay on trend. Its not for the faint at heart, like rapper Nikki Minaj.  

Try one color trend while you still have a chance. Your purchase wont be in vain because this summer trend can easily translate into fall/winter.

As always, never forget to put your Fab Face Forward!!
Mrs. Makeup

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