Top 3 Heinous Makeup Crimes

Top 3 Heinous makeup crimes

I am sure you have encountered your fair share of makeup “crimes” in your area but here are some of the face faux pas that merit a hefty fine and potential jail time: ( I was going to put pictures up but that would be cruel! LOL)

Crime #3  Assault with a deadly weapon: Tweezers

Most women (and some men) have a tendency to over tweeze their eyebrow for fear of it looking to thick. What ends up happening is what I like to call the “surprised” look; the eyebrows are so extremely plucked, the person has a permanent surprised look on their face.

Remedy? Run to your local mall and speak to a makeup artist (and NOT your nail care technician) about what shape and size your eyebrows should be. Work with them to create a plan of action to right this awful wrong

Crime #2 Reckless use of black liner..aka the black “square” eyebrow 

There is nothing more unnatural than black cinderblock eyebrows especially on fair skin. Just because you are darker doesn’t mean you can get away with it either! For the everyday natural woman, this look is too severe.

Remedy: Use a dark rich brown pencil or shadow if you a deeper complected and a medium brown for those who are lighter to trace the shape of eyebrows. Using a spooly brush, smudge out the harsh line in a upward and out motion to achieve the most natural looking brow. For a more defined brow, add concealer (one shade lighter than you skin tone) under your brow following the shape you created

Crime #1 Excessive use of lip liner

It’s 2011, and not 1992. There is nothing more outdated than dark liner and a nude or light colored lip color filled in! Lining your lips is a great method but the liner should not be obvious.

Remedy: For a more natural look, use a liner similar in tone with the lipstick you would like to use. Apply the lipstick right over the liner and blend the two products together using a lip blush. To create an even more blended look, as a nice gloss. This will marry both of the products beautifully.

I am sure you have your share of crimes you have either witnessed or committed yourself! Please be sure to comment on some of them.
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