Summer 2012 Trend **Pastel/ Neon Nails**

Another hot trend hitting the streets is Pastel nails. With a couple of artfully placed brush strokes, you will be a few seconds away from being on trend. Colors like lilac, and powder blue and soft pale yellows are great choices! Here are some options below from


Maybelline Express Finish
(Got a sec? Change your polish!)

For the bold and beautiful, try NEON NAILS. Scared to rock acid yellow, try a neon pink or orange, since the color payoff isn't as glaring as the green from Essie below..

Pastel  and Neon colored nails are the perfect accent for the summer months and wont cost more than 7 bucks at your local drugstore. 

And if you absolutely hate it?

Salvation is just an acetone swipe away...

Keep putting your fab face forward!!

Mrs. Makeup:)

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