Ombre Effect...

There’s a hair trend sweeping across salons and sidewalks alike that’s sexy, earthy, and way more cost effective. Its called the Ombre effect, shaded or graduated in tone. The ombre hair look , dark to light effect, is also practical for women who still want to get their hair done, but don’t necessarily want to spend the time or cash to go to the salon every 4-6 weeks to get touch-ups. This look affords women more time between salon visits due to its natural and low maintenance style. It can be done subtly like in the case of Demi Lavato and Monica (see below)...

or rocker chic in the case of Jordan Sparks with hints of fucshia.


This trend can hurt if not done correctly. Ciara, a naturally beautiful girl, took the trend and ran in the other direction all together. The color transition was very sharp and made the look seem severe and washed out.  No Bueno....

CeCe may have been going for the "reverse ombre" look which is still on trend, but poorly executed.

Thats all folks!
As always, be sure to always put your fab face forward!!

Love always,
Mrs. Makeup

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