"Red Bottoms" at a Bottom Line price

Christian Louboutin has found another way to innovate footwear. His design house has included PVC into the design and has made the Illusion style THE must have shoe of the season. It has been worn by the likes of

Rihanna and Alicia

Lala Anthony

And Kim-ye (lol)

If you're "balling on a budget" and cannot afford to use close to your entire paycheck on some red bottoms, Gojane.com's Clear 2 Me Cap toe offers a cost friendly alternative.

At a whopping $22.60, you can achieve the look without the ageda. Its available in mint green (pictured above) as well as a slew of other neon colors. The heel isn't as high as the Louboutins but the effect is still significant.
For more info, click here Clear 2 Me Cap Shoes

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