Voluminous curls with Bendy Rollers

Want voluminous, bouncy curls that last all day? Use Bendy rollers!
 Lets face it: The idea of using rollers in 2012 seems dated but these rollers produce the most amazing curl without the salon visit nor the salon price. The rollers come in a variety of different sizes and lengths making this product the go-to to achieve the desired size of curl of your dreams. If you want a looser wave, opt for the larger sized rollers. For a tighter curl, use a smaller one.

These rollers are available at most beauty supply stores and cost under $10.00 a pack.
I used (6) 1-inch rollers. 3 on either side of my head. The two rollers in front were rolled away from my face. The remaing 4 were rolled towards my face. I sprayed my hair lightly with Aussie's Light Holding Spray (see below); the hold is flexible and manageable allowing the hair to move naturally and still hold the curls. This spray smells amazing and cost under $5.00 at most major drugstores.



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