Arm yourself...with BB Cream

 BB Cream has hit the market faster than Kim Kardashian..which leads to the obvious question:
What in the world is BB cream??
 BB stands for Beauty Balm, a tinted moisturizer that has a skincare element to it helping to heal your skin. Some BB creams even out your skin tone and even lighten blemish scars. Others contain anti-wrinkle ingredients and even SPF.  A huge hit in Asia, BB cream has cross over to the West and is become the sought after product in 2012.
BB Cream can be used as a great base under your foundation, giving you a "lit-from-within" glow. Some skip the foundation all together and just use the BB cream as a standalone product.
Smashbox Cosmetics has a great product that will run you about $40.00 but Maybelline has a similar product that costs about $8.00 at your local drugstores and Target and is available in a range of colors.

Thats all for folks!

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