Best Buy Series-Top 3 Foundation Primers

If you have ever applied your foundation and an hour later, you can literally fry an entire egg on your t-zone, this blog entry is for you!

 The key to a mattified face hours after applying make up lies in the application of something called a foundation primer. A primer is used to minimize the appearance of pores and control the amount of sebum (oil) thats secreted through your skin daily. Although it controls shine, it should not, however, replace your moisturizer.

There are tons of quality products out there sold in high end retailers. But luckily, there are some amazing primers available at a fraction of the price at your local drugstores and
Lets go through them.

No 1:L'oreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer

This is by far my go-to primer. The marshmallow-like consistency of this primer allows the product to glide on and gives you a silky finish. Although this is more of the expensive options, close to  $15.00,it is so worth it! Run and get this! Run..

No 2: Revelon Photo Ready Perfecting Primer
This lightweight primer smoothes and softens skin to create the perfect canvas and  reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines. It could be worn alone or under foundation. At $13.00, its a great buy!

No 3: Monistat Chafing Gel

Yes...i know what you are thinking. This isn't a primer but the silicone gel consistency makes for an amazing prep for foundation application! It smoothes fine lines, minimizes pores and controls oil.  The properties of this $7.00 gel is similar (if not EXACTLY the same) as the number 1 rated primer on the market right now; Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer, which cost $50.00 at most high end retailers. This is a definite MUST.


As I indicated earlier, primer isnt a replacement for foundation.
1)  After you have thouroughly washed your face, apply a light weight moisturizer w/ SPF. 
2) Wait 5 minutes or so for the moisturizer to be absorbed into your skin.
3) Then apply a nickel size amount of primer, focusing on your t-zone and then evenly distrubute it over your entire face. Wait 5 minutes and then apply your foundation.

Well thats all folks! Hope this was helpful.

Questions? Comments?  Please post them below!

Always put your Fab Face Foward!

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