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Welcome back, students!
Most of you only have the time it takes for a Pop-Tart to toast to get dressed in the morning. Adding a makeup regimen to the routine must be simple and easy.  The reason why this look below on Barbara is across the board attractive to most lies in the simplicity of the look. Like most students, Barbara is a simple girl who spends nanoseconds on her face. Here is what I did to achieve this simple but beautiful look:

Groomed Eyebrows: Eyebrows are UBER important in creating any look. Get them trimmed, waxed, threaded or plucked regularly. If not, use a eyebrow gel like  Maybelline Clear Mascara sold  here . If you cant get to Target? Lightly dampen an eyebrow brush with hairspray and brush them back.
Fresh face look- Apply a tinted moisturizer. You can use L'oreal's BB cream if you dont want a heavy look. Cant afford BB cream? Combine 1 part foundation and 1 part moisturizer for your own tinted moisturizer
You can choose to use color on your cheeks, lips and or eyes. To make it simple, I would use the same color in all three areas.
Mascara- This is basically the final step! Apply two coats of waterproof mascara, which wont run if you decided to take a nap in between classes. The formulation in waterproof mascara is lighter than regular mascara, which is why it rarely clumps and doesnt run.
Bonus: Want to be a little daring? Apply a bright pink or fuschia in the tearduct like I did above. And voila? Approachable sophistication in minutes. Dont think its possible? Try it!

Leave your experience below:)
Mrs. Makeup

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