Before meet Fierce-The story of Vicky

Little known fact but Vicky is one of my favorite people in the world! That's why she was one of my bridesmaids:). Her beautiful and self-sacrificing spirit can be seen in everything she touches. She willingly gives herself to those she loves and so its no wonder she is not only my friend but definitely a sister:).
When she asked me to do her makeup for an upcoming wedding, I jumped at the chance:). She told me I could do whatever I wanted...and I was a kid in a candy store.
Vicky has great skin but has some discoloration around her eye area. To counteract that, I used a concealer a shade lighter than her complexion. I used Black Opal's Au Chocolat on the perimeter of her face and Hazelnut on the inside of her face. I penciled in her eyebrows using Kiss Cosmetics in Black Brown.
I used a frosted green color on her lids and cut the crease with a darker green and matte black color.
I used an orange blush called "Orange" (lol) from La Femme Cosmetics.
I lined her lips with a drugstore liner in Expresso and used Wet n Wild's 903C (nude color) and topped it with NYX lip gloss in Beige.
and voila!


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