Bridal Chronicles-Pharadja Andrews

Pharadja and Micah Andrews had a bi-coastal wedding celebration that spanned over the course of two days. She is a young bride and I thought her look should reflect her youth and vibrancy. I chose to give her a quintessential eye, soft icy pink and a baby-doll lashes with fuschia pop on her lip. This fuschia was a nod to the other vibrant color in her wedding pallette: an electric purple donned by her bridemaids.
Maid Of Honor-Christie
At this point, you should be all familiar with Christie, aka My Muse:). Usually I dont like to color coordinate eyemakeup with clothing but I liked the colors together. I used an frosty purple on her lid and a deep redtoned purple in her crease to smoke out her eyes. I smeared a soft purple in her tearduct and used a deeper purple under her eyes. I used a kohl liner in her water line and added lashes. On her cheeks, I used a peachy pink color.
 and voila!

(Front: Christie. Upper left is Kelita..wish I had a close up pic of her. She was gorg!)
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