Combatting lip discoloration

One of the most prevalent problems women (and some men!) face is hyperpigmentation of the upper lip. A dark upper lip and lighter bottom lip makes it difficult to get a correct color payoff from a lipstick or gloss. The color wont look the same, making the process frustating.
There are a few reasons why this happens:
 1) Smoking and drinking coffee and dark teas not only stain your teeth, but over time, can stain your lips
2) Dark lipsticks can stain your lips as well

Short Term Solutions
To counteract this problem on the short term, you can chose the following avenues:
Option 1:
Apply a thin layer of  your face foundation on your lip will provide an even layer and backdrop prior to applying your favorite lip color. So apply the foundation, set it with powder and apply your lip stick
Option 2: 
Apply a lip pencil similar in color to the lipstick of your choosing on your entire lip. This will also create a even base of color. Follow up with the lipstick of your choice.
Long Term Solutions
Like anything dark on your skin, you will need a "bleaching" agent to gently lift the darker color off your lip. It is recommended to use natural remedies to avoid any additional damage.
Option 1: Lemons have natural skin lightening properties so this is the ultimate natural choice. Cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon on the affected areas in small circle motions.
Option 2: Mix up a paste of equal parts lemon juice, yogurt, and honey. Leave the paste on for a half hour, then scrub it off.
Hope this helps. Comments? Questions? Leave them below!

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