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In a few short weeks,we will be heading straight into Fall, my all time favorite time of year! In addition to your wardrobe, your skin care regimen will also need to be revamped to make way for changing temps.
Any extreme change in weather will have an effect on your skin, the largest organ we have as humans. Our skin needs to be hydrated in order to avoid dry skin, acne and a slew of other skin care woes. Here are some simple steps to counteract it.
 When you skin is overly dry,your body overcompensates and creates more oil than usual, which clogs your pores, creates bacteria which then causes acne. On the flip side, when you oversaturate your skin with moisture, your skin is now flooded with oil and thus will clog your pores and then create bacteria...and you guessed it, zits. The answer is a proper balance of moisturizers and cleansers.
In the winter months, for dry skin, try a cleanser that wont strip your skin of the natural oils you desperately need. An oldie but goodie is Nozema Deep Cleansing Cream.
Loaded with moisture to help retain the oils in your skin.
For acne prone skin, continue to use a gel cleanser but use a heavier moisturizer to avoid overdrying. See moisturizing section below for more details.
In the summertime, for acne prone skin, feel free to use a gel cleanser followed by a lightweight moisturizer. In the winter months, when the air is drier, you need a heavier moisturizer. Use the gel cleanser but use a slightly heavier moisturizer that wont clog your pores. After gently washing your face, pat your face until its partially damp. Follow up with a moisturizer like
Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer or
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face lotion with SPH 15.
 If your face still feels "tight", add a dime size of additional moisturizer.
Dry skin makes it virtually impossible to lay the foundation for flawless makeup coverage. To get smooth, radiant skin, you will need to slough off the dead skin. This means using a facial scrub to genly exfoliate dead dry skin. You can use
St Ives Apricot Scrub or
Queen Helene Natural Facial Scrub.
A scrub should be used weekly and NOT daily and should follow be followed by one of the moisturizers highlighted above.
So thats all folks! To counteract the tell tale skin woes of the winter months, cleanse, moisturizer daily and exfoliate weekly!

Bonus: Chapped lips are very prevalent during the winter months due to cold dry air. There are a slew of lip scrubs you can use but if you dont want to spend the money? Take one part water and one part sugar and create a "paste". Use a clean toothbrush and gently...gently slough off the dead skin. Be sure to dampen your lips prior to scrubbing.

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