How to keep your makeup looking fresh in the summer months

Lets face it: in the grueling weeks to come, you're going to sweat. And your makeup. although well applied, isn't full proof. Summer months can be challenging when it comes to keeping your face looking finished and most importantly, sweat-streaked free. 

Here are some tricks to keep your makeup from turning you into a hot globby mess:

Trick One
Use a silicone based primer. Why? Its lightweight and minimizes pores. It will allow you to put less makeup on, which will allow your skin to breathe in the scorching hot weather

Trick Two
Minimize the amount  of product of foundation you add to your face by 1) wetting your foundation brush to allow for more sheer coverage or 2) opt for a powder foundation. Both options offer lightweight solutions without sacrificing coverage. Another option is to use a BB cream or tinted moisturizer to even your complexion but not coat your skin with product. Don't have a tinted moisturizer? Make one! Take one part of your favorite foundation (preferably oil-free) and one part moisturizer and VOILA!

Trick Three
Use highlighters/Bronzers. These babies, when carefully placed,  work "with" the sweat in the sense that it will give you an added glow. If you use a powdered highlighter on the bridge of your nose, your t-zone area , the highest planes of your cheeks as well as your cupid's bow, when you DO sweat (hint: inevitable) it wont be as jarring.

Trick Four
Keep your makeup simple. For summer months, I would recommend applying the 5 minute makeup principle to your routine: light weight tinted moisturizer, highlighter/bronzer, cream blush (it will more natural especially when you sweat), some mascara and a nice bright lip color.

Thats about it! When you keep your makeup routine simple, you will stay cool but look FIERCE.

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Keep your fab face forward

Mrs. Makeup

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