Dupe for MAC Cosmetics Heroine Lipstick

Heroine on Blogger BeautybyJJ

 Anyone interested (read: obsessed) with makeup over the last few years knows that MAC makeup has released a slew of limited edition products ranging from powders to eye shadow quads. There's one product in particular that many makeup fanatics would give their right kidney (having both is sooooo overrated anyway) to get their hands on it. But seemingly seconds after it's available,  it disappears just as quickly.

I'm talking about MACs Lipstick in color Heroine. This unique velvety magenta purple lippie has been coveted by many but purchased by a small few.

 But alas!!!! After months of super sleuthing and detailed research I have found an almost identical  product!! Yassss honey!!  I know ..I know you're thinking "been there done that"; even Beautybyjj,  Makeup Guru,  is tired of hearing about dupes that are far more from similar but this is THE DUPE. 

Beautie Brownie cosmetics (www.beautiebrownie.com), a line created to champion women of color, created a color unbeknownst to them (and everyone else!) that can pass for Heroine's twin. Other dupes have a more creamier texture but Beautie Brownie Cosmetics in Lighthouse mirrors MAC's Heroine's matte texture as well. 

See the pictures below and judge for yourself!

Which one is MAC's Heroine? 

Answer: Bottom swatch! 

Beautie Brownie in Lighthouse

Heroine on Blogger BeautybyLee

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Mrs. Makeup 

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