Product RAVE- Nanacoco Cosmetics Lip gloss

 I was perusing the aisles of my local beauty supply company and came across this display of lip glosses. Now, not everything you see at a beauty supply store that glitters is gold so I was truly skeptical. At a whopping $3.00 each I decided to buy a few to try them out.  
Mysterious, a bubble gum pink, Cappuccino, a soft almost iridescent nude, and Uptown girl, an iridescent fuchsia. All in all, these glosses were HIGHLY pigmented. Usually I line my lips with a liner and use a lipstick and top it with a lip gloss. Not in this case! You don’t need all those steps. Just use the wand and go. It’s a super buy for me!!! Can’t wait to get all of them! 



"Uptown Girl"

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